Harbinger Analytics Group specializes in meticulous due diligence of property documents both at the time of purchase and when considering marketable title claims against title insurers to recoup full purchase price of properties (unmarketable title).

The accuracy of commercial properties’ land titles have come under attack from:

All of these practices have resulted in a broken or diluted chain of title for commercial properties and inaccurate property boundaries. In most cases, title insurers have failed to catch these problems during the sales process.

We can assist you in detecting and correcting problems with your commercial properties in a cost effective, aggressive and professional manner.

Harbinger Analytics Group is on the forefront of discovering land title and boundary problems in today's confusing commercial real estate markets. Harbinger Analytics Group will research, detect and correct problems found in land title and boundary documents. We also offer litigation support in the form of extensive expert witness reports and deposition and trial testimony for clients involved in civil litigation over problems with their properties’ boundary and title documents.

Harbinger Analytics Group also offers consulting services in labor compliance and administration. We are experts where prevailing wages are required, how to pay them and what records must be kept.

Through our research and report writing, Harbinger Analytics Group has found itself on the front lines of discovering title and boundary problems and fraudulent practices. News outlets (including CBS News, The Huffington Post, The Big Picture, Trepp Analytics, University of California, Hastings Business Law Journal, The Institutional Risk Analyst, Naked Capitalism, Zero Hedge and others) have carried and positively commented on our published papers and articles on MERS and land title fraud.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.

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Serving Investors, Lenders, and Commercial Real Estate owners in California

and around the United States.

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Members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners since 2010.